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Richard Case

Richard Case, Department 66 Wine co-founder, an online wine store

British-born Richard Case first got in to wine in his early 20's when a bottle of Amarone changed everything. Richard was part of the second intake in to the UK’s first wine school, where he studied both viticulture and winemaking before heading to London to work in the wine trade. Through his work in London Richard met winemakers from all over the world and soon realized that winemaking was really where his ambition lay.

Richard and his wife Sarah left London after their wedding in 2001, and harvests in New Zealand and France followed. Their ambition was to head to Spain in search of old vine garnacha – hoping to start their own domaine.

A chance visit to Maury in late 2002 changed their plans permanently. Completely taken by the stunning landscape, incredible terroir and huge potential of the local vineyards Richard and Sarah staked their future on what became Domaine de la Pertuisane.

In 2008 Dave Phinney invited Richard to join him in setting up ‘Department 66’ as GM.